Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long time No see!!!!

Snow Trip!! Of course Jason was doing the food!!!
The Youth snow trip was a blast for everyone. Kenzie started feeling better after she threw up.
I took this pic with Kenyon's camera. Kenzie was not feeling well.
The Young Women Leaders in the snow!
These pics were taken by one of the leaders.
What am I doing?!!

For our evening fireside at our recent youth snowtrip we watched Elder Holland's talk from the "Brand New Year" dvd. I just spoke to the girls a little bit beforehand about following and believing the council of the prophets.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


just crazy
two old men!!
baby big bird
big cookie monster
we watched halloween charlie brown on the nieghbors garage door
Neighbors got together for a night of fun

Young Women's in Excellence Night

We had a wonderful night with all the girls.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Payson Half Marathon!!

Burke loved being here so much that he cut and tried to get a good time!
This was taken near the start line right before we took off.
This was at the finish line. My 2 friends Gaylene on my right and Olga on my left finished with Olga- 2:12 and Gaylene- 2:13. They came to run alongside me and encourage me to finish at 2:20:42. What fun this was. I wish my whole family would do this with me. It was about 8.5-9.0 Miles of uphill and 4 miles flat or downhill. It was exactly what they named it for- the Rim Country Challange. I averaged about 10:45 min. miles. kinda slow but I did it and that's all I wanted! Was to finish.
The man took my tag on the bottom of my number for my time.
Jason kept the kids busy playing at the park and feeding the ducks while I ran. They also met me at mile 6.5 (halfway) to encourage me and give me some energy before I hit Airport Rd. (tough uphill). I love my sweet husband and my kids. It was so fun having them there to cheer me on. Burke at first said " Mom, I'm so glad you won!" Then the next day after he thought about it he said, " Mom, you were slow. Alot of people came in before you!" I think I am addicted and I want everyone to come, who wants to do it with me? Our next run is a 5k at Gilbert Days!!
Family Pic at the end of the race.

Daddy Daughter Campout- Sept. 26-27

Kenzie got everyone sleeping on the ride home.

Jason is helping cook, of course!

On the way to Diamond Point for alot of FUN!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Sweet Cortney's 4th Bday!!

Burke of course had to light the candles.
Make a wish!!!
Smoke in the face.
Showing off my birthday presents. New Dora the Explorer rings, stick on earrings, and sunglasses. Wow! big girl!
This is just cute!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sisters Night!!

This night was a blast. We started with a yummy dinner made by Heidi and Jenny. Then we went to a taste testing night for Jodee Dillard and her sisters for the sweet shop they are starting online.

Back to Heidi's for a fun night of christmas carols and making all the pine garlands for Danie's wedding. Well, not all. Some. A few. Let's just say we have a ton more to do. AHHHHH!

Fourth of July Burke Family Reunion!!

rocky point 2007