Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long time No see!!!!

Snow Trip!! Of course Jason was doing the food!!!
The Youth snow trip was a blast for everyone. Kenzie started feeling better after she threw up.
I took this pic with Kenyon's camera. Kenzie was not feeling well.
The Young Women Leaders in the snow!
These pics were taken by one of the leaders.
What am I doing?!!

For our evening fireside at our recent youth snowtrip we watched Elder Holland's talk from the "Brand New Year" dvd. I just spoke to the girls a little bit beforehand about following and believing the council of the prophets.


steele's said...

What a fun trip! It was so great to see that you were using the same DVD and cards that we used for our youth at the beginning of the new year. Worldwide church--it's so great! I think I told you that I was released from Young Women's. I'm now the Activity Day Leader and Food Storage Coordinator. We have our own ward canner! I love both my callings but still miss being with the young women. It was fun talking to you today--Love ya!

stacy said...

SO FUN! i LOVE our youth!

Jadriene said...

Hey guys see ya Monday or Tuesday! i can hardly wait! I love you guys sooo... much!

Jadriene said...

Hey everybody i miss you guys and wish you were still here! Update your blog i want to know what you are doing... Luv ya tons!

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